Guardian, Bulgaria - Square Scarf

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SIZE & FABRIC - Oversized Square Scarf

140 cm x 140 cm (1.4 x 1.4 metres)

10% Cashmere / 90% Modal

Made in Italy

Eyelash finished edges all around

Dry cleaning recommended


Secluded in the middle of the Balkan Mountains lies Troyan Monastery (Troyanski Manastir/ Троянски манастир), a sixteenth-century Bulgarian Orthodox cloister. The third largest and third most important monastery in the country, it’s a wonderful day trip destination from Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, or Plovdiv.

The main church of the monastery was reconstructed near the end of Ottoman rule during the Bulgarian National Revival period by a master-builder called Konstantin in 1835.The ornate interior and exterior of the church were painted between 1847 and 1849. Many of the "moral and social experiments" of art at the time such as Doomsday and Wheel of Life were reproduced at Troyan. The history of this monastery is varied and vast and well worth reading about or, better still, a visit.